Pro Audit

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This powerful form creation and capture tool integrates with Pro Inform and provides instant access to the results for immediate action. Pro Audit enables businesses to carry out audits, capture and manage incidents and investigations or simply conduct surveys, in fact anything that requires a form.

Many businesses still conduct site compliance audits based on paper forms. These are manually filled in and sometimes converted to data through secondary manual input into another system or database, or are even just stored as a hard copy. With information filed away on paper it becomes isolated and of little use to the organisation.


ProAdmin not only reduces overhead costs through the elimination of the need for paper and storage costs but increases business due diligence through server storage and access.

Reducing Retail Losses with Effective Use of Audit Data

The causal link between retail shrinkage and poor compliance audit scores is very well established.

Compliance audit data can not only provide information on when a retail store is performing poorly at an absolute score level, but also report at a departmental level of operation, for instance, customer service, fitting room or back door delivery processes. However, if this detailed information is not collated and managed in an effective and timely manner that supports analysis it is all but lost, and with it the potential to improve business performance through and reduce losses.

By focusing training and resourcing when and where they need it in poor performing locations, retailers can make significant reductions in losses.

Lower Departmental Costs Through Improved Efficiency

By using intuitive, simple web-based forms, auditors can record compliance information as they conduct an audit, significantly reducing the time required to complete and alleviating the effort in follow on administration. This results in greater efficiency of the process, meaning that resource can be re-deployed effectively and efficiently.

Pro Audit is a mobile solution. Using a touch interface designed for handheld devices it allows users to record and upload audit scores and information intuitively and instantly, removing delays in collating information and resulting in swifter response to problems.