Pro Inform

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Pro Inform is a new information reporting product built on years of experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands to provide easy to use and actionable reporting across all business functions. Each installation of Pro Inform allows user controlled access to reporting tools and dashboards that range from simple "tell them what they need to know" and ‘what actions could be taken’ to powerful interactive analytical tools.

Businesses have invested millions of pounds in systems and processes to improve their operation, and each one comes with its own interfaces and management tools. Over time they have become swamped with too much data from too many sources and as a result many retailers do not use their data as effectively as they could.

- Reporting Dashboard

- Multiple Data Sources

- Email Alerts, Notifications

- Dynamic Filtering

- Drill Down Capability

- Multiple ways of data visualisation

- Exception reporting through business rules

- Portals to existing reporting

Pro Inform provides intuitive, graphical and dashboard functionality. It also provides real-time reporting and alerting based on data captured through plug in modules like Pro Audit or populated into systems via multiple sources.

- Intuitive graphical reporting

- Comparison Views

- Supporting decision process

- Mapping Alerts

- Instant Access

- Predictive Modelling

Information is presented in intuitive and innovative ways, using advanced techniques such as info-graphics and the latest web technology, to provide key business information securely and straight to managers as and when they need it.

With content access based on their role, managers can intuitively drill into KPIs through their personal dashboards, accessing the level of detail they need.

Improving Profitability by Management of KPIs

Benchmarking different business processes against acceptable norms or based on average performance allows managers of all levels to focus their attention where it is really needed.

Being able to view a number of key metrics in a single view means swift assessments can be made of an entire operation; whether it is financial, operational,fraud, customer service, distribution, stock management, commercial, supply chain or HR related, the list

of potential KPIs is unlimited. With this information delivered to mobile devices, managers can make key operational decisions in the field or at the point of operation, rather than from behind a desk in an office.

Through small incremental changes driven by process improvement as a result of managing by KPI exception, overall profitability is increased and costs are reduced.

Cost Effective Solutions

Pro Inform can be delivered as a fully hosted and web enabled “software as a service” or implemented into the clients’ own IT network.

As a hosted service all IT support and hardware headaches are removed and through secure processing, business data is safely imported and stored on high performance servers, accessible by business users 24/7.