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Protect your Brand from abuse on over 20 auction sites

Prowatch-Monitor Protect is our online monitoring solution. It provides enhanced b2b and b2c monitoring on sites such as eBay and Amazon to identify and remove counterfeit, stolen and grey market goods as well as intellectual property infringements damaging your brand(s).

A dynamic filtering feature is integral - enabling you to refine search results by geography, website, seller, price, etc. in near real-time. In addition there is a removals section which intelligently automates the bulk of the removals process and correspondence with sellers.




Automate the identification of suspicious online sellers

Prowatch-Monitor Locate addresses retail sector demand for a loss prevention solution to automate detection of suspicious items online.

This intelligent monitoring tool identifies stolen and fraudulently obtained items that have been listed on auction sites such as eBay. The solution will automatically cross-reference online sellers of your products

with the postcode and address details of your staff. The system is also used as the basis for our test purchase and civil recovery programmes.




Identify and remove online threats to your business and personnel

Prowatch-Monitor Web takes the auction site monitoring capability of Protect and applies this to the wider web - from social media, blogs and forums, to search engines and domain names.

Central to the solution is the webpage proximity scoring feature, which allows you to grade webpages by unique combinations such as the prevalence of a particular currency symbol, combination of words and serial numbers or IP registrant.




Loss Prevention and Brand Protection

Protect against brand infringments

Locate illicit sales of your brand

Target online threats to your organisation

Our three stand-alone modules can be combined to provide the holistic approach to brand protection that we call Prowatch-Monitor Enterprise.

This end-to-end solution is customised to the specific requirements of a brand-owning client and is based on an understanding of their business environment and organisational needs.

Prowatch-Monitor Enterprise is available as either a self service or fully managed system, the latter including a dedicated account manager, analyst and 24-hour support.




In the modern business world where data is everything, we constantly need new ways to interpret and simplify it for users.

Ministry of Ideas is an established market leader, developing a suite of tools to provide business intelligence, loss prevention and data analysis.

Using the latest technologies and innovative techniques, we focus on the concept of Total Loss – providing meaningful insights that guide and influence decision making to increase efficiency and profitability.